Industrial Systems is committed to achieving excellence in environmental health and safety as a priority. Our pledge is to focus on providing a safe and healthy workplace and maintenance of the natural environment through proactive planning, leadership, continuous training and regular monitoring and assessment of our workforce and systems.

Industrial Systems prides itself on its exemplary safety record with zero lost time injuries since its inception. A complete and comprehensive safety program based on proactive safety management, loss control, and the internal responsibility system is implemented, practiced and monitored on every job.

The following outline describes only the basis of our safety program and our mandate to promote safe workplaces.

Safety Orientations

Every employee and subcontractor employee of Industrial Systems receives a comprehensive, job-specific safety orientation prior to commencing work.

Orientation seminars include as a minimum, a complete review of the company Environmental Health & Safety Program including client specific safety rules and requirements, an overview of WHMIS legislation, relevant site-specific hazardous products and any potentially hazardous situations relating to the battery limits of a specific job and its scope of work. Work crew supervisors also receive an orientation including their specific legislated obligations in additions to company/client requirements. The company ensures that suitable personal protective equipment is available and used by every employee in the appropriate circumstance. Upon mobilization to the site, employees are made aware of means of safe and approved access and egress, site emergency procedures, the location of Material Safety Data Sheets, fire extinguishers and first aid kits.

Industrial Systems prides itself with
exemplary safety record with zero lost time injuries since its inception.

Program Performance

Industrial Systems understands the importance of effectively implementing its safety program through education, training, monitoring, assessment, and enforcement. The basic elements of the program include:

  • active health and safety representation
  • generic and specific WHMIS training
  • safe work procedures
  • Internal Responsibility System
  • regular safety inspections
  • daily Job Box Meetings
  • coordination of information with the client
  • effective disciplinary procedure for non-compliance

Our primary objective is to complete every job without accident or incident. However, a system is in place to investigate all near-misses, accidents, and injuries to determine underlying causes and, in turn, provide recommendations to prevent a recurrence. Industrial Systems also encourages a proactive early return to work program and will work closely with the injured worker, physician, and WSIB to ensure this is successfully effected.