About Us

Who We Are

Industrial Systems is a privately owned, well established company providing all types of electrical services from high voltage to low voltage, fibre optics, instrumentation and system solutions for heavy industry over the past 30 years.

As a leader in the electrical industry, we can provide services in engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance, renovation and remediation work for all types of electrical installations including complete turnkey work packages.

As a privately owned company, our core personnel work together as a

synergistic team with flexibility to achieve the client’s ultimate goals and objectives.


Our Mission

Industrial Systems pledges our complete respect and careful planning and execution of duties in order to support those in need.  We are dedicated to work tirelessly in order to do so.

As a mindset, we are focused on safety and loss control as a priority.  Hazard identification and mitigation is part of our commitment to our employees as well all of the people and property that may be affected by our work or work of others.

Industrial Systems prides itself with its exemplary safety record with zero lost time injuries since its inception. A complete and comprehensive safety program based on proactive safety management, loss control and the internal responsibility system is implemented, practiced and monitored on every job.

Our firm commitment is preservation of life, the environment and property.  We strive for this with respect, value and appreciation of the beliefs and culture of the people around us.  Preservation of the natural environment and ecosystems is a main goal.  We will work with all governmental authorities, laws and guidelines to ensure this is achieved.