How Can We Help

We can provide crews of qualified, licensed electrical personnel along with support labour, supervision, management and design services to suit the dynamic needs of each individual circumstance.

Industrial Systems is schedule conscious and will work quickly, efficiently and safely to provide all priority and essential services without delay.  We can work in conjunction with all support systems to develop, integrate, coordinate and implement a suitable plan to achieve all Phase 1 goals including temporary services for essential needs.

With significant experience, whether building new infrastructure from the ground up or site clean-up and remedial/restoration work, we can provide expertise and support in any area where we are required including temporary power systems.

Industrial Systems also has the ability to provide temporary housing or building structures that are fire proof and mold free.  The components are light, easily shipped and are put together on site with ease.  Self-contained portable facilities such as sewage treatment plants and water treatment plants can also be considered.

We are committed to providing any assistance that may be required of us and that we are capable to do in order to support any emergency, damage control or other needed response.

What We Do

  • Project and Construction Management
  • Logistics Control Management
  • Engineering Services
  • Mechanical Installations
  • Complete Electrical Installations including Instrumentation, Fibre Optic, Data, Transmission Line and High Voltage installations


  • Civil Installations
  • Supply of Equipment and Materials
  • Project Scheduling, Expediting and Control
  • Administration Services